The most popular brands on Facebook in first half of 2010

Check out the most popular brands on Facebook. You will definitely be surprised by our reports!

The most popular brands on Facebook in first half of 2010

It is no big surprise that first positions are occupied by FMCG. The most successful brand in the world is Coca-Cola ( according to …… ) even though on Facebook it is positioned as number-two. The most sought drink ended up a little bit ashamed due to the seconde position on the list. The curve which represents the number of fans in the chart is more optimistic and since June Coca-Cola has been driving their products well.

Starbucks lies on the top of the list. This well-known brand is the first in terms of fans on its official pages. Why is Starbucks before such a strong brand like Coca-Cola, although they hardly invest in marketing such a huge budget as Coca-Cola? The answer is simple – coffee. There is no better high-quality coffee or espresso than in Starbucks restaurants and people simply know that. We are living in a society where you can choose from the best. Coca-cola started to pay more attention to coffee kiosks some time ago and established the trademark Far Coast, which is the first sign of victory over Starbucks. It will take some time to reach Starbucks 9 487 995 fans on Facebook.

Number-three is other strong global product from America. Sweets are popular in all kinds of people and especially in case of kids they are beloved. Legendary Skittles are camping on the third place with 6 177 335 fans. The company recognized potential of social marketing not long ago and still experiments. For example its Twitter experiments turned out not well and after few hours they had to stop it in order to protect company’s reputation and public image. However on Facebook they only have one official page with 862.435 fans and other unofficial related pages.

Following positions are also occupied by non-food products like Victoria’s Secret or Disney. Both companies have a strong influence in global brands. Victoria’s Secret is one of the most sought women’s clothing in the world and has 4 639 090 fans on Facebook with all social features that you can imagine including iPhone app with direct access to VS and other cool features. We can see that it definetely is worth having Facebook related to other modern tools of marketing.

Disney is the sixth brand in the most popular brands on Facebook in first half of 2010. This film maker has huge basis of products headed by famous Pixar with 2 568 069 fans and fantasy worlds of Disney can also rise up in a minute on Facebook. The marketing department seems to be stucked though because of their lack of innovations. Marketers should try all possible ways to reach their communities not even on one concentrated content page with. They should also support fans and encourage them in social activities with brand. Fun flash games are fit to this concept.

Nutella still holds seventh position with 3 811 210 fans and also have only one official page. If you look closer to its chart so Nutella has no content on Facebook and you can follow overall decline. It is crucial to have your content up-to-date and contribute on daily basis. Users will check it out every day if they know there is an interesting content connected to their beloved brand.

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