Make a Facebook Page that calls for engagement

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Make a Facebook Page that calls for engagement

It’s not enough to just create a Facebook Page in order to become social. It comes with a whole new philosophy and approach to your brand that will be communicated to Facebook users. As Mark D´ Arcy, Facebook’s director of global creative solutions states: “The brands that are going to have ongoing relevance will be built around people”. That means not around ads but around people and how they interact and experience the brand. That’s why the way you interact with them and engage them is determinant. When you set up a Facebook Fan Page you should keep in mind that people are likely to pick up your story and become the medium.

In order to hear their voice here are some tips by Facebook to boost the Engagement Rate:

Pictures can convey the message better than words. Post an interesting Picture to generate double the Engagement Rate. Or even better – add Pictures from backstage! Photographs from your company that can be exclusively viewed on Facebook can make the amount of Likes, Shares and Comments 4× bigger than usually.

Sense of humor is vital to human beings. Posting funny Posts can almost double the amount of Likes and what’s more – it can provoke 5× the amount of Shares which makes it a great way to reinforce your Fan base and attract new ones.

Commentary or analysis reflecting on current news got 3× more Likes and twice as much Shares than an average Post. Pointing out controversial topics and engaging people in a discussion around them will make them feel you care about what’s going on and you want their opinion. In case you are a professional in the field you can contribute by your expertise. The same applies for global issues and problems that are more long-term oriented.

Ask them to recommend your Page in your Post. Try to post something so interesting that it deserves to be recommended to others. In case you succeed you will get 4× the Engagement Rate.

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