“Outside the box” Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Today, let’s have a look at some inspirations on how to create great Facebook Marketing Campaigns that will boost your brand’s performance in the social media.

“Outside the box” Facebook Marketing Campaigns

You need to be creative and innovative. That’s easy to say. Here are some effective Facebook Marketing Campaigns that will get you thinking outside the box!

Facebook has a platform called Facebook Studio for agencies and marketers to share their strategies, results and ideas with others. Here´s some inspiration coming from “outside the box” thinking. We picked for you some great examples that will make your Facebook Page more interactive and engaging!

Raising Awareness by Making it Social

Coca-Cola wanted to increase awareness in recycling plastic bottles and took great advantage of Facebook Places arriving to Israel. They added over 10 thousand recycling bins all over the country to the Facebook Places index and launched The Recycling King Challenge. It encouraged people to check-in at any recycling bin to gain points and upload a photo. Thousands of people shared their “green” experience with friends and the most active participant became the Recycling king. The results speak for themselves: over 250 thousand check-ins via Facebook Places, over 26 thousand uploaded pictures and Coca-Cola´s Facebook Fan Page gaining almost 30 thousand Likes in just two weeks!

Generating More Traffic With The Right Timing and Targeting

The Twilight Saga Fan Page in Germany released the Twilight Fan Chain app to help fans that couldn’t attend the premiere of Breaking Dawn still become a part of it. The fans were encouraged to upload a photo of themselves with outstretched hands in order to form the longest virtual human chain. The 1 300 participants long Fan Chain helped gain The Twilight Saga Page over 13 thousand new Fans in just one month thanks to the app and the Fan Page being promoted via Facebook Ads. About 5 thousand Fans were reached through Facebook Marketplace Ads, Sponsored stories and their Page Post Ad. Timing and targeting were key to their marketing campaign. The social media campaign and the traditional marketing campaign launched on the same day so internet banners, offline posters, lifestyle websites and TV spots included the url address of The Twilight Saga Fan Page.

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