How to create Shareable Content on Google+

Now is a good time for brands to set up their Google+ page and start working on their content strategy. Quality content will not only raise your brand awareness but also drive traffic to your website!

How to create Shareable Content on Google+

Searching on Google is becoming more and more social – each logged in user can now choose from two types of search results: the anonymous search results or personal search results that use information from the user´s network of Google+ circles. Higher quality content has never been closer to the top of the search results. That’s why brands should pay more attention to uploading relevant, informative and fresh content on a regular basis. When it becomes shareable with the +1 button it can travel across the internet and appear more often in personalized results.

Google+ is not just a social platform

Brands that already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account probably think they have enough social media platforms but think twice: a Google+ page will not only raise brand awareness but also bring great SEO results. Google will definitely rank up brands with high quality shareable content approved or “+1ed” by people. By the way, in order for that to happen don’t forget to promote your Google+ page from your website.

Create content for sharing

Audience insight is crucial to content creation because it’s important to know who you´re creating content for. People will more likely share content with the right topic, the right information, the right story with the right amount of creativity. They will read content with general information but SHARE content with added value disguised by controversy, originality or with a specific sense of humor. You should also remember that Google+ is a social platform just like for e.g. Facebook or Twitter but it addresses a slightly different audience and offers completely new features.

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