This Week’s Fastest Growing Facebook Pages

Wondering which Facebook brand pages became the fastest growing of the week?

This Week’s Fastest Growing Facebook Pages

Some of you have probably noticed the recent update of Socialbakers’ Facebook pages section where you can check out which brand and media pages made it to the top Fan gainers of the day, week and month!

Are you doing social customer care right on Facebook?

Yes, these popular Facebook brands are interesting not only thanks to their ranking but mainly thanks to the possibility of observing their social media performance and learning from their practices. You can try to adjust your Facebook strategy by checking out if they have a customized landing tab and what incentives they offer to their new Facebook Fans!

Get inspired by these Top growing Facebook Pages of the week!

Plus notice the growth of the Google page Fan base – it gained 400,284 new Fans in a single week!

If you are interested in which brand and media pages became the top gainers of the day, week or month check out to stay updated with the latest social media statistics from your Socialbakers!

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