Asia growth on Facebook: Asia will be the largest Facebook continent

Socialbakers' statistics say: the fastest growing Facebook users are in Asia.

Asia growth on Facebook: Asia will be the largest Facebook continent

Socialbakers statistics of current top Facebook countries tell us a clear story. North America is the world’s biggest Facebook continent where United States is leading the rank with more than 155M Facebook users. But what about the growth – where are the fastest growing Facebook users?

According to Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab, if Facebook can expand, it can do so across the region of Asia. What’s more, with the current trend, we can expect the number of users in Asia to outstrip the number of users in U.S. in the scale of months!

At the beginning of February 2012, the total number of Facebook users in Asia was more than 209M. Monthly growth was 3.4%. This is more than double compared to monthly Facebook global growth of 1.6%.

Further, Socialbakers Facebook countries statistics show strong growth of countries such India, Mexico and Brazil! It will be interesting to monitor the shift in the world countries’ rank and Socialbakers will be here to get you the update first!

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