Google+ Ripples visualizes your social media performance

Have you ever wondered how your posts travel across the social network? Then check out Google+ Ripples to see how content gets shared.

Google+ Ripples visualizes your social media performance

Of course, the number of shares is important but you need to go beyond the numbers to understand the community around your brand and to adjust your communication strategy accordingly. Google+ Ripples is a tool to visualize the chain reaction your content triggered. When you click the menu arrow in the upper right corner of a Google+ post, you are given the option to “View Ripples” enabling you to see how it has been shared from person to person. Given that this option is available with any public post, you can also monitor how your competition is doing. And don’t forget you can also benchmark your performance on Facebook and Twitter via Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO.

Google+ Ripples is like a present – the more you unfold, the more you reveal

What´s great about Google+ Ripples is that you don’t get a static chart but an interactive zoomable web-like infographic that ripples from the initial post all the way to the most influential users. Arrows show the trajectory of the post and it´s progression while circles identify the people that have shared it. The size of the circle depends on the length of the chain reaction your content has triggered. The more you zoom in and interact with the infographic, the more you will reveal about your community. It allows you to zoom in on certain events and identify top contributors. Check out Socialbakers top Google Plus gainer of the month Angry Birds and View Ripples of its posts. Here´s a visualization of a picture they posted:

Play the animation to see the post spread

Your communication strategy should also consider the development of your post over time. Is it shared only a few hours after you publish it or is it popular to the extent that it lives it´s own life traveling across the social network? Google+ Ripples enables you to press the play button and watch how the post got shared from person to person through time. And that’s not all, there´s also a graph showing the peaks of the post´s popularity; statistics on the average length of the chain, the longest chain, the average number of shares per hour, a graph displaying what languages people shared your content in and a list of your key influencers (the people with the most re-shares).

Companies should take advantage of all the information available about their community in order to adopt an effective communication strategy and target advertising. Socialbakers provides you with more valuable data and insight into your social media audience and performance so sign-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to learn more.

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