Angry Birds “power-up” on Facebook and Google+

Angry Birds is a game that conquered not only smartphones but also social networks. Let’s check out its social media performance on Facebook and Google+ to see how they did it!

Angry Birds “power-up” on Facebook and Google+

According to Socialbakers, Angry Birds became the Top Facebook Gainer of the Week and Month…¨

…and Top Google+ Gainer of the Day, Week and Month!

According to Socialbakers Analytics PRO, Angry Birds has reached a high score of 30% for its Engagement Rate (35% is the maximum) in the last month with a slightly declining tendency (-0, 19%). Still it managed to gain almost 4 million new Facebook Fans (that’s a 32% increase). Especially February 13th was fruitful – maybe thanks to the application encouraging Fans to send funny Angry Birds Valentine´s Day cards to their Friends?

Angry Birds Facebook Fans love Photos and Albums

So how did Angry Birds engage it´s total of over 16 million Facebook Fans? The Angry Birds Facebook Page has been intensively promoting its new game and Facebook Application with teaser Photos and Links. But Socialbakers measured that it was the** Albums that generated the highest Engagement Rate**. Photos and Albums generally belong to the most popular content in social media with the most Likes and Comments. The More Birdalicious cake! album is filling in with cute cakes and the Angry Birds Fan Art album displays the game in its craziest forms – check it out to see Angry Birds jewellery, carved out pumpkins or creative pizza toppings! It´s been appreciated by over 200 thousand Likes, almost 12 thousand comments and 6 thousand something shares. Angry Birds has a Landing tab with the game on Facebook but surprisingly, there´s no direct incentive to Like the Page. That just proves that the game has a strong fan base.

Fastest growing brand on Google+

Angry Birds became the fastest growing brand on Google+ with over 350, 000 new followers in one month. It seems insignificant compared to the merely 4 million new Facebook Fans but Facebook has a much stronger Fan and business base. Considering that Google+ is a new social network, it has built a great starting position. The only brand that is stronger at this point is H&M ranked first in the Socialbakers Google+ Statistics for brands. The Angry Birds Google+ page seems to be posting even more intensively about the launch of the new game in March than the Facebook Page. You will definitely find more video teasers and pictures of the new game here. If you are a Google+ user, check out how the Angry Birds posts ripple across the social network.

The data has been pulled out from the period January 22nd – February 22nd using Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO. It can also measure what day and hour your Facebook or Twitter Posts engage your fans the most, benchmark your performance with your competition or the whole industry and much more! Sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to learn more and adopt a healthy communication strategy in social media.

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