Fastest Growing Google+ Brands and Media: Angry Birds grow faster but H&M remains #1

What social media strategies should you use to keep your brand growing on Google+?

Fastest Growing Google+ Brands and Media: Angry Birds grow faster but H&M remains #1

Recently, Socialbakers Google+ statistics have found out that brands on Google+ grow faster than brands on Twitter. Brands on Google+ are more popular simply because Google+ can engage followers better than Twitter (however this is not the case of media pages that are more suited for the Twitter platform).

Google+ brands and media attract followers that wish to connect with people to share recommendations of all sorts, their content or brand experience. As we pointed out in one of our previous blog posts, Google+ connects people with the same interests and similar professional background. That´s why we were curious to find out how the statistics of the fastest growing Google+ brands and media look like.

The Top 10 fastest growing brands and media earned 3,4M and 2,4M new followers from the beginning of the year. We were not particularly surprised by brands that made it to the Top 10 on Google+ since almost all these brands are extremely popular across all social networks. H&M is heavily and successfully engaging its followers with videos, photo contests and pictures from its new collection. Angry Birds on the other hand, are doing a great job in preparing their fans for the new game Angry Birds Space which will be ready to launch in March. Note that the difference between the brands’ followers is rather small and watching the current growth trend raises a question – could Angry Birds beat H&M on Google+ in March?

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