How Engaging Were Oscar Winners on Facebook?

There has been a lot of social media buzz around actors nominated for the Oscars but what about the films? Did they engage with their fans on Facebook?

How Engaging Were Oscar Winners on Facebook?

Even the dog Uggie has Facebook Fans

The Oscar winner for Best Picture, the silent black and white film The Artist provides its fans with a very engaging Fan Page. Its wall was full of engaging links to interviews, talk shows, pictures and videos long before the official ceremony. Fans got the chance to preview and download the playlist of the Academy Award Nominee for best music Ludovic Bource, discover 5 Things they didn’t know about leading actress and nominee Bérénice Béjo, visit the costumes from the film in color or perhaps check out the random blog of the best actor Jean Dujardin called Sleeping on people.

Even the co-starring dog Uggie got his own spot on Facebook. His talent and cuteness was Liked so much that it got me thinking that there has to be a Fan Page just for Uggie. And I was right, someone launched the Consider Uggie Page to seek recognition for his performance. Uggie did fetch some awards, like the one for the best dog in a theatrical film at the Golden Collar Awards, and appeared at the ceremony with Jean Dujardin with a fitting bow.

The Artist Fan Page also had a few call to actions like encouraging Fans to cast their votes in The New York Times 2012 Oscar Ballot, counting down days to the ceremony and reminding Fans when they should tune in. According to Socialbakers Analytics, photos and links are the most engaging post types of The Artist Fan Page.

The Help movie updated its statuses

The Help movie Fan Page is also packed with links to articles, interviews, and talk shows with best-actress nominee Viola Davis and best-supporting-actress nominee Octavia Spencer. They were definitely busy before the ceremony appearing at the Oprah Winfrey talk show, the Tavis Smiley Show, Good Morning America and much more. Fans could catch up with all their media appearances via links and videos and gain access to interesting content and photos of the actresses. ¨

The calls for action were very similar to the ones on the Artist Fan Page encouraging people to support Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, vote in The New York Times 2012 Oscar Ballot and tune in for the ceremony. Socialbakers measured that their most engaging post types have been statuses and links. They had only three status updates but they generated the highest Engagement Rate because they were directly related to the official Oscars ceremony, like the one congratulating Octavia Spencer for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Midnight in Paris for a good cause

Midnight in Paris has a different approach to its Fans especially encouraging them to purchase some of the movie´s authentic props and antiques in the Gilt Home Sale to not only own a piece of the movie´s history but also to support Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There´s also articles explaining why Midnight in Paris almost didn’t get made or why the nominee for Best Original Screenplay Woody Allen didn’t attend the Academy Awards ceremony. Midnight in Paris Fans also gained access to exclusive high quality photos even from behind the scenes, they voted on which award they thought the movie deserves best or had the chance to discuss Woody Allen´s best movie.

Calls to action included a status encouraging Fans to click on the Like button if they hope Midnight in Paris wins the Oscars. Maybe it sounds too simple to be engaging but that’s the secret behind it, people love to answer questions, vote for something or contribute in almost any way. According to Socialbakers Analytics, the most engaging post types were statuses and links.

The Iron Lady has a great Landing tab with an exclusive live Q&A with Meryl Streep that Fans can watch and interact with. And the wall is full of behind the scenes links on how Meryl Streep became the Iron Lady and more. But what´s probably the most intriguing is Meryl´s thoughts on the character she plays, on Margaret Thatcher.

The movie War Horse engaged its Fans when asking who they thought had the best costume in the film, pointing out that it was the costumes that added great authenticity to the movie.

The Tree of Life was behind the scenes oriented with content like an interview with Doug Trumbull, the visual effects legend about his vision behind the film or Jack Fisk, the production designer.

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