Finally, the Top 4 Metrics to Follow in Social Media

Marketers have been asking us what kind of metrics should they be monitoring in this world of social media. In a recent CMO Survey by IBM, marketers said that the bigest focus for them in the next years will be to make a sense of all those numbers, and we agree!

Finally, the Top 4 Metrics to Follow in Social Media

In social media, what are the metrics you should be following? From our perspective, it should be the following metrics:

  1. FANS – Total number of fans
  2. ENGAGEMENT RATE – The amount of people on average interacting with your content
  3. RESPONSE RATE/TIME – Response rate and time to your fans posts, very critical for reactive engagement
  4. GROWTH – Momentum and growth of your page

Bottom line, these are the metrics you should be monitoring not for 1 of your platforms, but for all of your social marketing platforms.

Did you know that all of these metrics and more, such as benchmarking yourself to an industry, are available in our Socialbakers Analytics Pro? Check it out here.

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