Will Brazil Become Facebook’s 2nd Largest Country?

Some Facebook Countries like Brazil are growing extremely fast. It´s slowly catching up with India and Indonesia possibly making it to the second largest Facebook country! Will Facebook users get ahead of the United States?

Will Brazil Become Facebook’s 2nd Largest Country?

According to Socialbakers statistics, if Brazil maintains its current growth it can leap from number 4 to number 2 in the overall number of Facebook users. Our daily updated stats of Facebook countries show that it could easily happen next month! It’s hard to think of another Facebook country that would grow so rapidly in the past few months. In Brazil, where Google’s Orkut has been leading since 2004, Facebook is now finally No. 1. What’s more, Facebook is further helping to increase Internet adoption in Brazil, making this highly social culture to adopt Facebook even faster.

Countries on Facebook by Total Number of Facebook Users

Countries on Facebook by Number of Users’ Growth

What other Facebook countries are making their way to the top?

When comparing the current growth of major European Facebook countries to the growth from the end of January, we can notice two major shifts: Germany has continued to grow and became the 8th fastest growing Facebook country. And surprisingly enough, France and Italy appeared in the Top 15 for the first time!

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