Car Fans Drive The Highest Engagement Rate On Mondays

Some people see the future in social networked cars with innovative applications but before that happens, check out what day your Fans engage the most with automobile content on Facebook.

Car Fans Drive The Highest Engagement Rate On Mondays

At Socialbakers, we measure Engagement Rate by hour and week day to show you when your Fans engage most intensively with your posts. This way you can reveal the best timing for your company to address your Fans with new products, launches, offers, shows and other exciting information from your industry.

Facebook Fans Start Their Week With Cars

This doesn’t mean you shouldn´t post content during the whole week. It´s important to keep in touch with your Fans no matter what day it is but it seems that Fans of car manufacturers love to start their week with cars. Monday (0, 11%) has the highest Engagement Rate followed by Wednesday and Saturday (both around 0, 10%) in your industry. Your Fans mainly interact with your albums and photos because they love to see and admire your cars in great visuals. The new Facebook Timeline supports this with new features so make sure to make the most out of it!

And during which day do car Fans engage the least with your industry’s content? Sunday (0, 09%) seems to be driving the least activity for your posts.

BMW Drives The Most Action On Monday Nights

According to Socialbakers statistics, BMW is the most popular car brand with over 9 million Fans acquired last week. When looking at the brand´s Engagement Rate in the last six months, it´s quite clear that the BMW Facebook Page gets the most interaction with Fans during Monday nights and it´s not doing bad on Fridays either! Check out the graphs below:

To make these graphs come alive by making them more interactive and mainly to make them about your brand´s social media performance, sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO! This valuable insight is available for Facebook and Twitter so far.

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