Top 5 Tips For Better News Feed Visibility

There is always so much going on in the Facebook´s News Feed that brands need to fight for visibility. Socialbakers brings you 5 key recipes that will always make your brand stand out of the crowd!

Top 5 Tips For Better News Feed Visibility

1. Incentives To Action

Facebook is like a playground where kids play with the coolest toys. No one wants to read static status updates without any pictures or incentives to action. Generate the engagement and attention your brand deserves with content that becomes alive in the News Feed! Look at Macy´s Post packed with incentives – they asked their Fans to help them celebrate Beauty week by getting rewarded. The Post contains energetic verbs like help, snag and tell that just call for engagement! Plus the beautiful model that provides the Post with a face and the question asking fans about their beauty tricks. The number of Likes, Shares and Comments it has generated speaks for itself!


Or keep it simple like Oreo:


2. Ask Questions

Do you often post questions to your wall? You definitely should because they make things exciting and dynamic! Questions will always catch your fan´s eye and engage them on a more personal level. You should mainly ask about things related to your brand and it´s always interesting to ask about memories, rituals and tricks they associate with your products. Just like this Pringles post:


3. Mix Your Content Types

Socialbakers Analytics measure your brand´s most engaging post types but that doesn´t mean you should only stick to the content that gets the most interaction. You can always surprise your Fans with different content and they might surprise you with their engagement in return. And try combining several content types in one post – publish your status update with a picture or video!

4. Send Relevant Content

Facebook users usually scroll down the News Feed in search of relevant and interesting content. So to make your Post visible to them, you have to understand your audience and anticipate what content they will appreciate and engage with.

5. Analyze your presence :-)

Monitor your social media performance, your most engaging post types and your key influencers to understand what your Fans love and Like to see in their Newsfeeds. Socialbakers Analytics PRO can provide you with valuable data and insight that will also help you share the right content in the right time. Socialbakers is the no.1 recipe for a higher News Feed visibility!


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