Get Ready For The Weekend: Your Most Engaging Day Might Be Sunday!

Do you want to share something very special with your Facebook Fans? Chances are your fans will engage with you during the weekend!

Get Ready For The Weekend: Your Most Engaging Day Might Be Sunday!

At Socialbakers, we measure Engagement Rate by Week and Hourly User Activity to provide you with the most accurate information on which day of the week and hour generate the most interaction with your fans. Today, we bring you industries that get the most attention during the weekend: so Media, FMCG and mainly Telecom brands, read on!

Telecom, Media And FMCG Brands Are Popular During The Weekend

This doesn’t mean you shouldn´t post content during the week. It´s important to keep in touch with your Fans no matter what day it is but your Fans are probably just too busy to interact with your content during the weekdays and prefer to engage with your brand during the weekend when they have more time. But don’t worry, in case you already have plans you can use our Engagement Builder PRO with post scheduling that will automatically post your content to your wall at the time you set up.

Telecom, Media and FMCG brands belong to the entertainment industry so that´s why your fans might prefer to engage with your brand during the weekend. Your audience just loves to keep in touch with friends, watch Youtube, drink Coca-cola and engage with you on Facebook! Sounds a like a nice laid back Sunday!

Telecom Brands Have Engaging Sundays

Let´s have a closer look at Telecom Brands Today! According to Socialbakers statistics, Sunday (0, 08% av. ER) is the most engaging day in the week for Telecom Brands closely followed by Saturday and Friday (both around 0, 07% av. ER). That means that your Facebook Fans are most likely to interact with your content during the weekend with a peak of engagement on Sunday. This makes Sunday not only a day for relaxing but possibly even one of the best timings to address Fans with new telecom products, offers and other useful and exciting information from your company. And when do Facebook Fans engage the least with Telecom Brands? Socialbakers statistics say it´s Wednesday (0, 05% av. ER)!

Vodafone UK: Sunday Mornings At 7:00 AM

Socialbakers Analytics PRO provides you with valuable data and insight into your social media performance with the Engagement Rate being one of the most crucial metrics. To help you understand your Facebook audience even more, we break it down into Average Engagement Rate by Hour and Week Day for you! We believe that the right content and timing are core to your Facebook Marketing strategy.

Vodafone UK Facebook Fans mostly Like and Comment the Page´s content on Sundays at 7:00 in the morning. The User Activity graph points out the most intensive activity moments – the bigger the dots, the more engagement generated! Check it out in the graphs below!

To make these graphs come alive by making them more interactive and mainly to make them about your brand´s social media performance, sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO! This valuable insight is available for Facebook and Twitter so far.

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