Facebook Fans Counting Hours To The Hunger Games Movie Opening

There´s only a few hours left to The Hunger Games movie opening in cinemas but the social media campaign is running for quite a few months. How has it been engaging Fans until now?

Facebook Fans Counting Hours To The Hunger Games Movie Opening

The Hunger Games movie will arrive to cinemas worldwide on Friday March 23. It’s based on the popular novel written by Suzanne Collins about an annual event in Panem where one boy and girl are chosen from each district to fight to death in a televised battle. The social media campaign behind the film is massive which is evident from the number of Facebook Fans and the Fan growth it generated.

The Facebook Fans Are Dying To See The Movie

The Hunger Games movie Facebook Page more than doubled its fan growth since the beginning of the year (251%) and now has more than 3 million Fans. The number reflects the anticipation and the Facebook marketing campaign behind the film.

The Landing Tab Driving Traffic To The Premiere In L.A.

The Movie gets released a week before the Timeline becomes compulsory so they took advantage of the customized tab as their default tab. They used the Landing tab to drive attention to the release date and to drive traffic to the Twitter account and Yahoo streaming the red carpet premiere. It´s not Like-gated so both fans and non-fans gain access to exclusive content like behind the scenes photos, movie trailers, pictures with citations from the film, posters, music and much more.

The Story Creates The Buzz

The launch of a The Hunger Games adventure Facebook game, the official map of Panem, the interactive tour of the city, it´s Capitol Television on YouTube, the chance to get a District Identification Pass and to become the Facebook District Mayor and much more make the fans identify better with the story and as you know – storytelling is key to a successful marketing campaign.

Check out the social media buzz it generated on Facebook in the People Talking About graph below. You can see that Facebook Fans can’t wait to see the movie in cinemas!

Mayors OF Facebook Districts

The first movie teaser trailer was presented in August during the MTV Video Music Awards. The trailer carried the hashtag #whatsmydistrict navigating Twitter users to a “hidden” website thecapitol.pn where users were assigned a District just like the inhabitants of the Hunger Games world. To become the mayors of their District on Facebook and gain access to even more exclusive content and prizes, they had to share the Capitol TV video via a unique URL and make it to the most influential sharer. That means that the movie doesn’t only have one official Facebook Page but another Twelve Facebook Pages – one for each district.

Tweeting And Getting Ready For The Movie

The Hunger Games Twitter account @TheCapitolPN has been tweeting about the characters, the plot, the ceremonies and even about a line of Hunger Games nail polishes. The #LookYourbest hashtag shares the anticipation and the big styling and fashion plans for the special occasion. Fans can even send their picture to get featured in Capital Couture – now how´s that for engagement?

According to stats from Entertainment Weekly, The Hunger Games have sold more advance tickets than any non-sequel movie ever. The world will be watching, what about you? Check out Socialbakers Analytics PRO to see how your movie is doing in engaging fans and building anticipation!

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