March 30th: Your Facebook Timeline Deadline

In case your Fan Page hasn´t converted to Timeline yet, hurry up because March 30th is your deadline! Here´s a list of things you need to think through before it will convert automatically.

March 30th: Your Facebook Timeline Deadline

1. The Cover Photo Is Your New Landing Tab

After converting to Timeline, you will not be able to set a customized tab as your default landing tab. You will have to make a first impression with your Cover Photo, your Profile Picture and your Custom Tabs. The Cover Photo will make you forget about the landing tab because it is huge (851 × 315 pixels) and you can change it as often as you want! But make sure to check out our article for things you cannot include in your Cover photo.

Even the world´s largest store Macy´s can fit into the Cover Photo – that´s how big it is!

Especially details stand out well in Cover Photos, like these Percy Pig chocolates from retailer Marks & Spencer:

2. Pimp Up With Custom Tabs

You can still offer incentives, fan-gate content and navigate your fans to a landing tab in your new Custom tabs/apps! They are located just below the Cover photo making it impossible to miss them. Plus the thumbnails get bigger (111 × 74) and more customized! You can create up to 12 tabs/apps but only 4 of them will always be visible. The first one from the left will always be dedicated to your photos but take advantage of the other three to offer your fans different channels, special offers, applications and other branding content.

Levi´s jeans presents two interesting Custom tabs – fun videos and an application measuring it´s woman´s Curve ID in a few easy steps.

3. Your Profile Picture

Your new Cover photo looks cool but don’t forget that your Profile picture (125 × 125 pixels) will follow you everywhere on Facebook. You should upload at least a 180 × 180 pixels photo to get the right quality. It’s not a rule but this space asks for a brand logo – choose it carefuly because you shouldn’t be changing this image often!

Marks & Spencer uploaded a logo that looks like it has been exclusively designed for Facebook Timeline by saying “Only at your M&S”:

4. Milestone Your Brand´s History

Capture your brand´s important Milestones in your Timeline. Start by marking the date of your establishment and continue by everything else that completes your story. You can add anything, even the date when you started communication on Facebook and other social media platforms. The story that you will create around your brand will engage your fans and provide them with a brand they can identify with. Timeline lets you go back in time as far as year 1 000 A.D.. So what are you waiting for? Get your story onto your Timeline and into the News Feeds of your Fans!

British retailer Marks & Spencer goes all the way to year 1884 when Michael Marks decided to grow his business with Tom Spencer.

5. Pin And Highlight Your Content

With Facebook Timeline, you can pin your content (any post type) to the top of your wall until you change it for another one or it will descend from the top after 7 days. You can also highlight your content by spreading it across both columns of the Timeline by clicking on the star icon of the post.

Each post that gets pinned gets labeled by an orange ribbon for the time it hangs at the top of the wall. Starbucks pinned a picture of their Tribute coffee referring to The Hunger Games movie opening in cinemas.

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