Cinderella Shoes: The Most Engaging Facebook Photo

Some photos are love at first sight. Socialbakers brings you the ones that had the strongest impact on Fans in the last 30 days, embracing the context.

Cinderella Shoes: The Most Engaging Facebook Photo

Cinderella Shoes

Christian Louboutin is a boutique with a clear mission: “In every woman, there’s a Cinderella in need of her glass slipper or her Louboutin crystal incrusted in leather stiletto! Christian Louboutin makes a woman’s feet dazzle and shine even after the twelve strikes of midnight.” Well, over 41 thousand Likes, 3 thousand Shares and almost 2 thousand Comments under this photo demonstrate that women would love to own a pair of Cinderella shoes.

Maybelline Asked For Attention

Maybelline New York posted this picture saying: “Like this post if you´re wearing a Maybelline mascara today. Which one?” That proved to be very clever because they are very popular and loved by the Fans! Try asking your Fans which of your products they love the most!

Get Well Renato Abreu

The Fans of the Brazilian football club Flamengo are supporting centre midfielder Renato Abreu who´s being observed for irregular heartbeat. His Fans are wishing him all of good luck for his operation by engaging through this photo. Don’t hesitate to express your emotions on Facebook, your Fans will hear you.

Angry Coffee

This Photo comes from the Fan Art album gathering everything from Angry Birds themed pumpkins and jewellery to customized pizza toppings, shoes and much more. But it´s the Angry Birds Fans and coffee lovers that generated the highest Engagement Rate. Displaying the brand via an unexpected medium like coffee can turn out to be very effective!

The Aston Martin Peek

Aston Martin introduced eight models at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show including the fabulous V12 Zagato scheduled for production later this year. Fans always appreciate when they get an exclusive peek into what the brand has in store.

A Square Bottle For A Square Shooter

Mr. Jack started off with standard glass-mold bottles but soon realized that his whiskey was different and deserved to stand out. Legend has it that he said that since he was a square shooter, he should have a square bottle. More than 100 years later, the square bottle remains a symbol of Jack Daniel´s unique heritage and Facebook Fans continue to celebrate that!

St. Patrick´s Day Volkswagen

Volkswagen used this photo to wish everyone happy St. Patrick´s Day and the response was great! It made all the Facebook Fans fall in love with this green car and notice how the background added a dramatic touch to it!

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