Twitter’s Most Viral Brands Of The Month!

These brands on Twitter had to do something right because they have gained the most followers in the past month!

Twitter’s Most Viral Brands Of The Month!

Facebook And Healthy Food Grow Fast And Dominate Twitter!

Socialbakers statistics bring you an overview of 5 brands that gained the most followers in the last month. Facebook and the Whole Foods Market are dominating Twitter overall and they are continuing to grow. Facebook is in lead with almost over a million more followers than the Whole Foods Market. But Starbucks Coffee is breathing on their back so we will keep an eye on them and keep you updated!

Keep Your Eyes On H&M

H&M is in the center of our attention because it has been doing some amazing things in social media and it ranked 3rd among the fastest growing Twitter accounts. It´s number 20 when it comes to the total number of followers so watch out for this retailer and get inspired if you are in the fashion industry!

Nokia And Burberry Launched Campaigns

Nokia recently presented its new smartphone Nokia Lumia so it probably owes its fan growth to the campaign and roadshow accompanying it´s launch. British fashion retailer didn´t stay behind – it has launched the Burberry eyewear campaign with indie music band One Night Only so perhaps some of the band´s followers starting following Burberry as well.

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We will compare these results with April in a few weeks so stay tuned and join us on Facebook or Twitter to get the echo!

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