Easter Fight on Facebook: How to Best Engage Your Customers Online

With customers seeking for Easter inspiration online, it´s the chocolate brands that become the most engaging industry during the holidays. Socialbakers Analytics PRO measures the Easter brands’ success and presents the best practices in online social marketing.

Easter Fight on Facebook: How to Best Engage Your Customers Online

Easter candy sales typically skyrocket during the holidays and motivate retailers to place special offers and content online. Most of them are already used to include social media into their marketing activities, which became an approach that Socialbakers analytics proves to be successful. Let’s take a closer look at a selection of the most popular chocolate brands and retailers and their social media performance during the spring holidays.

Nutella vs. Ferrero Rocher

Nutella and Ferrero Rocher belong to the biggest confectionery brands on Facebook, targeting their messages at 15+ million fans and potential customers. For Easter, both brands bet on using their flagship products in customized packaging to support their Facebook marketing activities. Nutella wished “Happy Easter” to its fans and claimed its traditional product to be the “most awaited surprise” receiving an amazing 16 thousand Likes in return. Ferrero Rocher’s holiday post seems to be less engaging but let the Analytics speak out.

Socialbakers Analytics: The Results

During the Easter holidays (from April 1st to April 9th, 2012), Ferrero Rocher increased its fan base by 31.6 thousand fans and reached an Engagement Rate of 0.025%. But Nutella proved to be more successful and engaging by gaining 463.6 thousand fans during the same period and reaching a higher Engagement Rate of 0.032%!

What About Your Brand?

What does that mean for your brand? Simple solutions can make the difference so don’t hesitate to present your product in an unusual or non-traditional way to your customers. As a best practice, monitor your results with Socialbakers Analytics PRO and learn from them every day!

Key Facebook Analytics From The Top Chocolate Brands

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