5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark

If you thought there’s no such thing as a free lunch, think again. Despite the money you have to pay for an all-around social media marketing suite that does everything from A to Z, you can find free social media management tools online that won’t cost you anything. For those marketers that look for a quick and free solution, we have an entire section available. But to make the process even easier, we rounded up the top 5 free tools below:

5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark

1. Calculate the Cost of Facebook Ads:


It’s not always easy to estimate how much you should budget to spend on your next Facebook ads campaign. What if we told you that you can do it for free? All you have to do is choose your region and budget and the ads calculator will tell you how much will your Facebook ads cost based on your advertising objectives. It’s that simple.

Calculate How Much Facebook Ads Cost – Try Free Tool

2. See Where You Stand on Facebook Relative to Competitors:


This free social media competitor analysis tool tells you how you stack up against other Facebook pages head-to-head. Add your Facebook Page and select the competitor’s Page you want to benchmark it with. Quick tip – you can benchmark your competitors against each other too. You’ll get a report sent to your inbox. Don’t forget to share the results with your colleagues.

Benchmark Your Facebook Page Head-to-Head – Try Free Tool

3. See Which Posts Get the Most Interactions on Social Media:


Creative blocks are hard to break, but it’s a lot easier if you have a large pool of ideas to draw inspiration from. This free social media management tool will make it easier to find what to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Search for a topic that’s relevant to your industry and quickly see which posts get the most engagement. All for free. 

Learn What to Post on Social Media – Try Free Tool

4. Discover the Quality of Your Facebook Posts:


Let AI be the judge of your content quality. 44% of promoted posts on Facebook are of poor quality. It’s easy to make a mistake estimating what posts are worth your investment. Use AI to prevent human error and determine how your last post scored, ranging from A+ to D. Get creative and don’t stop short of checking how your competitors fare against this free social media management tool.

Learn What Was the Quality of Your Last Facebook Post – Try Free Tool

5. Get an Overview of Your Instagram Performance:


With Instagram becoming the key marketing platform for most marketers, it might be the time to equip yourself with tools that help you monitor all your activity. Get free statistics on your most popular Instagram photos, filters, hashtags, and all of your interactions with your followers – all for free. 

Make Your Instagram Tracking Easier – Try Free Tool

What’s next?

This should be more than enough to start organizing your social media management. There are more free social media tools available, but we have a feeling that you’ll be needing more complex features soon. Return when ready and try out more advanced social media marketing solutions for free

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