5 Leading Fashion Brands That Dominated Black Friday

Fashion brands need to keep the engagement high to out-beat their competitors — especially with today’s fast fashion. It’s a battle to balance high engagement with your audience and maintain post frequency. Fortunately, these fashion brands can be a great model for you to plan out this year’s Black Friday campaigns.

5 Leading Fashion Brands That Dominated Black Friday

Based on the top 25 active pages during Black Friday of last year, the performance quadrant reports below show the best fashion brands based on audience engagement and the number of Black Friday posts.


If your fashion brand appears in the Hunter category, then you know how to engage your audience and create stylish posts to keep that engagement high. However, if your brand landed in the Rookie category, don’t worry — this your chance to reflect on your strategies to create your best Black Friday campaigns this year.

Find out which category your brand falls in with our performance quadrant tool — Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report.

Here are examples of the leading fashion brands which dominated Black Friday last year:

Victoria’s Secret


An American brand that has consistently engaged its audience with its sexy content on social media. Victoria Secret’s customers know when to get the best deals, and Black Friday is always on their calendar. Whether it’s a free tote, slippers, or an extra pantie, Victoria Secret can reach their audience by posting alluring lingerie, trendy sleepwear, and beauty products.

Advice: The competition can be very high if your brand is in the Hunter category. If you see one of your competitors in the same category as you, you may want to analyze and compare your performance with a specific competitor. That way, you can develop an effective strategy to get the upper hand.

Hollister Co. and Abercombie & Fitch

These quintessential sister companies have captured the classic American fashion, and both have landed in the Hunter and Browser categories on Facebook. One of their best Black Friday campaigns was to attract loyal customers across the nation by creating membership clubs, such as Club Cali and A&F Club.


Being a club member has its perks; for example, they can gain information on the hottest trends and unlock special gifts. And these customers could not get enough of exclusive deals and early access to the newest collections — especially on Black Friday.


Advice: Study your audience and discover new trends that can help you drive more engagement. You can learn more about your audience with a marketing persona tool. Once you’ve identified specific characteristics, maybe you can start your loyalty club for your customers.



This British online retailer has the most versatile fashion for both men and women. Their Black Friday campaign contains a contest for all their 9.6 million followers on Instagram. Even though they landed in the Browser category on Instagram, they still have more room for opportunities to become a Hunter. 

Advice: Being in the Browser category doesn’t mean you are performing less. You just need to add more variety to your content for Black Friday. But look no further, this is an inspiration tool that can help you create the best Black Friday campaigns this year.



Black Friday shopping doesn’t start in Mango’s online store. Shoppers go directly to their Instagram to discover the latest styles and special collections. Mango makes it easier for its followers by providing the codes of outfits on their Instagram posts. Adding a small detail like this in your captions can make it convenient for your customers to shop during Black Friday. 

Advice: Keep in mind — the more product information you provide in your captions, the more responses you will get from your audience regarding prices, sizes, or general questions. You can manage your community across multiple social channels with a smooth, intuitive platform.

The Takeaway

Fashion brands today need to keep up with all the fast trends to capture their audience’s attention, but it gets even more competitive during the Black Friday season.

Luckily, these performance quadrant report tools – Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report – can help you identify where you stand today, so you can start creating your best Black Friday campaigns this year!

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