Exclusively: Quarterly Social Media Report on Local Facebook Pages in Italy

Socialbakers brings you a fresh quarterly report on the social media performance of local Facebook brand pages in your country.

Exclusively: Quarterly Social Media Report on Local Facebook Pages in Italy

Socialbakers provides you with local reports updating relevant social media statistics each month. But we know that marketers also need to see the bigger picture in order to track down current trends and preferences. Not to mention that data collected in a longer time period tend to be more accurate which is why we have decided to deliver quarterly reports as well.

This Quarterly report for Italy delivers the rankings of the most popular, engaging and responsive local brands and media pages on Facebook. Inside, you will also find our brand new metric called Daily Page Engagement Rate which should help you optimize your engagement on a daily basis. To learn more about Socialbakers new Engagement Rate metrics, click here.

Download Italian Social Media Report here

Is there a local page that you would love to see in the Socialbakers’ country report? Simply suggest it on the Socialbakers website by visiting one of these sections: YouTube statistics, Facebook statistics or Twitter statistics, click on the Suggest button (for example: “Suggest a YouTube channel”) and choose a suitable category.

This report has been prepared using our advanced analytics platform Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO. You can try it out by signing-up for a 14 day free trial to monitor your pages in your local country! Now supporting Facebook pages and Twitter accounts!

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