Car Brands That Drive Fans to Google+

While Google is working on the future with its self-driving car, Google+ is connecting car fans. These are the Top 5 G+ Car Brands according to Socialbakers statistics!

Car Brands That Drive Fans to Google+

According to Socialbakers statistics, these are the 5 car brands on Google+ with the most fans. First place goes to Ferrari which is on fire because it also made it to the top gainer of the day, week and month in terms of new fans. It gained over 260 thousand fans in the last month which is more than BMW or Volkswagen USA collected in total over the past few months.

Why is Ferrari So Fast on Google+?

Ferrari reached 500 thousand fans at the beginning of April and the question is how they did it. The answer seems to be F12 Berlinetta, a new model that Ferrari has been heavily promoting via a microsite across the biggest social networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts and Google+. Fans can view the style of the interior, exterior and other specifications in a short film it features (it has been watched 160 thousand times in the first week all around the world).

The amount of fans it has gained just proves how effective and successful the marketing campaign has been, mainly in raising brand awareness. I´m not a huge car fan but I have to say that the microsite impressed me. The F12 Berlinetta slides across the track stressing out just how strong, fierce, dynamic but at the same time precise and elegant it can be. Photos and videos will always say more than words. And Ferrari knows how to present itself in a clean, luxurious and effortless way with high quality content. It already counts with the fact that its fans understand cars so the content is often very technical and professional, sharing behind the scenes information and much more.

1. Ferrari

2. Toyota

3. Ford

4. Volkswagen USA

5. BMW

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