Facebook’s Most Engaging Industries in Q1 [Global Analysis]

Some Facebook industries know how to grow fast while others do a much better job in engaging fans. Is there a recipe that would automatically transform the offline success of an industry into social media success?

Facebook’s Most Engaging Industries in Q1 [Global Analysis]

Throughout the Q1 we have been analyzing the performance of individual industries on Facebook to bring you Socialbakers’ first quarterly rank of the most engaging industries.

The average Engagement Rate data was calculated on the sample of the TOP 100 brands in each Facebook industry.

Our quarterly results show that Automotive brands on Facebook have achieved the highest average Engagement Rate (0.16%) of all monitored industries. It has increased by nearly 0.04% from September 2011.

According to our recent analysis, Tuesdays are the most engaging day of the week for automobile brands because that´s when their Fans interact with their posts and photos the most. BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Audi belong to the most successful global players in this sector.

The Ecommerce industry reached the 2nd highest Engagement Rate in the global Q1 rank. This fact emphasizes the importance of social marketing activities that brands can use to link to their online retail efforts and to interact with their fans.

Alcohol brands are also doing a great job in engaging their fans on Facebook and being social. Budweiser became the most engaging brand in Q1 (1.32%) also thanks to its St. Patrick’s Day photo.

Airlines have even decided to ‘fly the social way’. Substantial efforts and great social media campaigns were required to promote KLM’s new way of social flying which definitely spurred a lot of discussion around the topic and drove the Engagement Rate to 0.11%.

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