Instagram And Facebook: The Recipe For A Higher Engagement Rate

Do Instagram and Facebook seem like a strange couple to you? We think that they are the perfect fit for a higher Engagement Rate.

Instagram And Facebook: The Recipe For A Higher Engagement Rate

Both Instagram and Facebook are devoted to creating and conveying stories. Instagram claims that it’s not only a photo-sharing service and Facebook has launched Timeline with even more space for bigger visuals and stories. This is definitely not a coincidence but an adaption to current marketing trends.

Your Fans Love Pictures

Brands on Facebook are already aware of how well pictures engage their fans, which is evident from the graphs below. Data from last month prove that pictures are their most often posted content (43%) which is almost as much as all the post types put together (status messages, links, videos or questions).

According to Socialbakers statistics, pictures have a higher average Engagement Rate (0.194%) than other post types (0.159%).

And when looking at Facebook Pages overall (meaning not only brands but also media, places or public figures) we can see that fans significantly prefer pictures (0.779%) to anything else.

Visual Storytelling – The Hot Social Media Trend

The whole shift to visual storytelling presents new opportunities and challenges for marketers. It seems that the personification of your brand is becoming the hottest social media trend! Pictures are great in attracting attention, expressing emotions or ideas and fans find it easier to identify with them. Plus they are fun! To build a strong loyal community of fans and customers, you need pictures that will create a cohesive consumer experience and encourage a deeper relationship on a more personal level.

Tell The Whole Story

Instagram filters can add to the atmosphere and the values you would like to express as a brand while Facebook completes the whole process of personification with Timeline. Brands are encouraged to share their life with fans via Milestones, highlighted content and big visuals to tell the whole story and build a strong relationship with their fans.

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