Facebook´s Milestone: 901 Million Users

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it has 901 million users which immediately triggered estimations on when it will reach the biggest milestone: 1 billion users!

Facebook´s Milestone: 901 Million Users

If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world

Facebook has a new milestone it can add to its Facebook Page: it has reached 901 million users! It has also released interesting numbers for the occasion – the network claims to receive 3.2 billion comments and 300 million new photos per day. From the 901 million figure, 526 million were described as daily active users and 488 million using Facebook mobile products in March.

Too bad that the Facebook´s Facebook Page with over 60 million fans doesn´t celebrate this success by posting a thank you to the fans or creating a milestone.

When Will Facebook Reach 1 Billion Users?

Socialbakers predicts Facebook to reach 1 billion active users towards the end of October 2012 but it might be sooner.

The Biggest Facebook Countries

Check out the top 5 countries on Facebook according to Socialbakers statistics:

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