How Often Should You Post On Your Wall To Engage Fans?

To engage your fans, you need to post enough content but not too much at the same time. Is there a magical number for the ideal number of posts on Facebook?

How Often Should You Post On Your Wall To Engage Fans?

No, there is no magical number. The average number of posts tends to range between 2 – 3 posts a day but there are just too many factors that affect the engagement of a post to say that it works for each brand. So what is the right frequency?

Below are the average numbers of posts per day by the top 10 Brands and Media on Facebook. We have gathered data from last month, from March 25th to April 24th 2012.

How often do you post compared to the brand in your industry?

1. Who´s Your Audience?

What works for a global brand like Coca-Cola doesn´t have to work for a local bakery with a significantly smaller fan base. Each business is different and the key to finding your own number is to know and listen to your audience. To engage your fans, you need to meet their expectations so try thinking what you would want from your Facebook Page if you were the fan.

You cannot connect and build relationships with people if you are not sharing valuable content with them. Whether it will be jokes, pictures, news, product information, your brand´s history, statistical reports or customer testimonials, you need to give your audience exactly what they want and even more with a positive attitude.

2. Quality Over Quantity

You need to post often to create a connection with your fans but you don´t want to overpost them and spam their News Feed. To be clear – the quality of the content is more important than the frequency of your posts so focus on that a little bit more.

3. Timing Is Crucial

It´s also important to determine when your fans respond best to your content. Thanks to Socialbakers Analytics, you can track down your brand´s most engaging hours and days of the week.

When looking at the average Engagement Rate of iTunes from January up until now, we can drive a conclusion that it should post the brand´s most valuable content on Sundays and Mondays around noon or midnight because that´s when their fans find time to listen to music and read news about their biggest idols.

4. The Post Lives For 3 Hours

The post stays engaging as long as you make it engaging but if you don’t get the reaction you´ve been expecting in 3 hours from the post, you can probably start thinking about a new one.

5. Do You Have The Content?

Brands with loads of interesting content and information can probably afford to post content more often than others. For example media can become engaging even if they post 10 – 30 posts a day because news is a content type that is meant to be shared and discussed.

To identify your brand´s most engaging post types, days of the week, hours, your daily average Engagement Rate and much more, sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO.

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