Finally here! The Biggest Global Social Media Report on Facebook Industries

The Global Social Media Report brings you the most comprehensive overview of the 10 major Facebook industries including top metrics measured by Socialbakers Analytics PRO.

Finally here! The Biggest Global Social Media Report on Facebook Industries

Last week, we released a report focused on the FMCG and Ecommerce Brands on Facebook. Today, we would like to get deeper into the remaining industries and their top performing brands by Average Engagement Rate, Daily Page Engagement Rate (learn more about this new metric here) and their Number of Fans. Click here to download the Socialbakers Global Report and learn about your industry.

Automotive And Alcohol Brands TOP The Engagement

The Auto industry is the most engaging industry on Facebook (0.207%) with the biggest quarterly fan growth (up to 62%!). Our recent article on “What Makes Car Brands So Cool In Social Media sums up the brands’ efforts to create appealing visuals, engage local communities and launch effective posting strategies with a huge impact on the overall Facebook success.

Alcohol brands have also been investing a great amount of energy into social marketing and innovative ways of communicating their products online in the last quarter. Heineken is the industry leader with more than 6M Fans and a growth of 23% each quarter. Bacardi rum has been growing even faster and celebrating 150 years of “Mixing up the party” this year.

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