5 Tips To Make Your Beauty Brand Stand Out

Beauty brands sure know how to pamper their fans on Facebook! Get inspired by their tricks even if you belong to a different industry!

5 Tips To Make Your Beauty Brand Stand Out

1. Dior

Stories, Not Products


Try focusing on the** stories behind your products instead of the products themselves**. Your fans and customers already know about your new hydrating cream from traditional media so use your social network as a platform for special content.

For example Dior has decided to award its loyal fans by a special website dedicated to Dior Makeup available even from mobile devices. Fans can enter the backstage, get professional tips, reveal the brand´s secrets and much more – this is the added value a Facebook Page should guarantee!

Also try engaging your fans with content that is based on a special collection or celebrity and you will be surprised how well they will identify with your stories!

2. Dove

Let Your Brand´s Personality Shine


True beauty lies in personality so try expressing that on your Facebook Page. Dove represents an embodiment of this approach throughout its Timeline. The brand launched the Dove Self Esteem Fund to support its idea of beauty being a natural source of confidence and self-esteem for each girl and woman around the world. You can also create the sense of a community through a mutual cause, mascot, pet, or any other symbols or values that can unite you and your fans!

3. Bath & Body Works

Customer Service Offline and Online


Fans and customers of beauty brands are quite demanding and curious – they want to know what colors compliment their skin type, how to apply products, where to find specific shades or lipsticks and what are the trend setters. Unlike from a counter in the shop,Facebook can concentrate all the beauty related questions on one place so fans can share the answers.

Become a beauty consultant and your fans will appreciate your know- how and you will succeed better in creating a community based on trust.Customer service should be available offline and online!

4. L´ Oreál Paris

Create A Community, Not Sales


Customer testimonials are a very powerful tool in creating a community based on trust. A satisfied customer will always share positive experience with friends and the industry should embrace this by encouraging fans to post about it.

You can even create a network of dedicated bloggers to your brand! Engage your fans as much as you can and share content that raises brand awareness!

5. MAC Cosmetics

Take Your Fans Seriously


Ask your fans what they think about your brand´s products and encourage them to speak out about their favorite fragrances, colors or cosmetic tricks. But don’t forget to listen as well! Try engaging them in a discussion that will result in actual changes in your product portfolio.

For example MAC asked its fans to vote for shades of lipstick, lipgloss and eye shadows that they would like to bring back to shops.

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