Congratulations To Brazil: The 2nd Biggest Country On Facebook!

Great results Brazil! Becoming the second largest Facebook country is a fantastic milestone and great motivation for marketers (not only in Brazil) to grow their businesses in social media.

Congratulations To Brazil: The 2nd Biggest Country On Facebook!

The practice of monitoring Facebook’s development across various geographies usually reveals interesting trends and ideas about new Facebook leaders based on their number of monthly active users (MAU). But what´s even more important is how to take advantage of the data and create a successful and strong local Facebook brand. Our data show that businesses are naturally focusing their marketing activities at places with the highest customer concentration. This strong inclination towards higher customer reach and effective communication further validates the need for brands to have social media embedded in their online marketing strategies.

Facebook’s Biggest Countries

For the past few months, our attention has been focusing at Brazil which is a truly exciting country to watch. Brazil and India have been in a battle for the 2nd position for quite a long time but Brazil has finally succeeded in conquering its rival! Looking at the growth and penetration numbers, it seems that Brazil owes its success to brands building high social awareness and an proactive and creative approach in gaining more fans.

Brazil´s Biggest Brands

Brazil’s strongest industries on Facebook include FMCG, Alcohol, Beauty and Fashion. Brands with the biggest fan bases retained their positions from the previous month: Guarana Antarctica, Skol and L’Oreal Paris Brazil. When looking closer at the list of the TOP 10 brands in both countries, you will get surprised by the fact that some Pages in India are bigger than the most successful Pages in Brazil. However, given that the population in India is 6× higher than in Brazil then brands like Guarana Antarctica, Skol are clear winners in terms of their popularity among Facebook users.

Top Brands in Brazil and India

If you want to keep track of how these and other world countries perform on Facebook, visit our section Facebook Statistics by Country and share the data with your friends and colleauges!

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