Rating of Brands Launched on Socialbakers

Socialbakers brings you an exclusive possibility to see how your fans perceive your brands and your competitors thanks to TrueLike - our social customer satisfaction measurement!

Rating of Brands Launched on Socialbakers

For a few weeks now, you could have noticed that each Facebook brand page on Socialbakers.com (check out for e.g. the Coca-Cola page) offers the possibility to rate the brand with a 0– 10 score depending on “How likely you would recommend the brand to your friends”.

Familiar with customer satisfaction? Welcome TrueLike!

Socialbakers is the first social analytics provider worldwide to launch a scaled out social customer satisfaction platform for rating brands. It´s a little different from traditional customer satisfaction metrics but they complement one another. And there are some great benefits you can utilize from the data:

  • Being able to identify how many promoters your brand has
  • Being able to identify both positively and negatively viewed brands
  • Being able to identify data also for competitors

Stay Tuned For Sample Reports

At Socialbakers we will be trialing this with our top customers so stay tuned for some sample reports in a few weeks.

The Brand Rater as a Facebook App

Plus we also built this as a Facebook app called the Brand-Rater! You can find it here and rate some top global brands!

Contact us if you want to belong to the cool group of companies learning more about their customers!


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