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Hot News Straight From The Socialbakers Oven

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Facebook Mobile hit 488 million users! Are you wondering about the distribution between iPhone and Android users and the countries with the highest concentration of Facebook mobile users? Then check out our cool infographic and share it with your friends or local audience!

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Socialbakers is launching a brand rating feature today – users can now rate a brand according to how likely they would recommend it to their friends. We will be focusing at customer satisfaction metrics intensively, trying to figure out what it means in the social world.

In case you are missing a brand or page in our reports, suggest them for monitoring on our Socialbakers website.

A Word From Our CEO, Jan Rezab

Facebook is doing its IPO later this month and at Socialbakers, we are doing everything to cover the best Facebook statistics possible. The mobile infographic is the first piece we are delivering to you and there will be more to follow. At Socialbakers, we have been focusing our last 3 months on social metrics, mostly around consumer Engagement. We have matched Facebook and Twitter engagement metrics quite nicely, which you can definitely appreciate as a Socialbakers Pro customer or from our amazing social reports.

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