Top 10 Facebook Timeline Tips

Recently, we brought you a list of the 5 biggest Facebook Timeline mistakes you can make. Now let´s focuse at the 10 things you should definitely do to boost your page´s engagement!

Top 10 Facebook Timeline Tips

1. Let Milestones Tell The Story

Milestones should make the whole process of brand storytelling much easier and compelling. Just imagine your fans going through all your brand´s history and key moments and thinking: “This is a great company and you can tell that it is social media savvy as well. I love their products and their whole philosophy!”

2. Play With Your Cover Photo

If you want to stand out, try playing around with the cover photo. Some brands had a great idea of launching a presentation via their cover photo and then navigating fans to more pictures in their album introducing their brand.

Or get inspired by “Fanta”:Fanta – they created their Cover photo with the help of their fans. They had to find the characters in the Timeline´s history with the help of some clues and Like them back into the future to get them on the Cover photo! Gamification is becoming an important trend on social networks engaging many fans!


3. Pin Important Content To the top

With Facebook Timeline, you can pin your posts to the top of your page. It will stay up there for 7 days unless you swap it for different content you want to make visible. You can tell that a brand has pinned something thanks to the orange ribbon in the right top corner.

4. Post Shareable Content

If you want your fans to share your content online, try thinking about what they love to share in real life! People share things to connect, experience and interact with friends. So try sharing content that awakens their curiosity, amuses them, emotionally moves them, helps or challenges them. Don’t expect fans to share content that is not worth sharing, even if they adore you!

5. Highlight Your Visually Attractive Content

Apart from pinning your most important content to the top of your page, don’t forget to highlight your most visually attractive content. Just click on the star in the top corner of you post to spread it across the whole width. You can leave it highlighted or click on the star again to make it smaller again. Unfortunately, you cannot highlight and pin the content at the same time.


6. Create Apps To Promote Your Business

Today, you can create an application for almost anything you can think of. So why don’t you embrace it by creating a special app that would amuse/ help your fans and support your business at the same time?

7. Check Your Inbox Regularly

Facebook Timeline came up with a new and more personal way of communicating with fans through the inbox. Check it regularly and make sure to answer as most of them as you can and in the shortest period of time. They rely on your Facebook page to help them out with any questions they have.

8. Open Your Timeline

Having a closed wall is not very social and not being social contradicts the whole philosophy behind Facebook and social networks in general. Let your fans post on your wall and don’t delete posts that don’t really compliment your brand. You have to be able to accept negative feedback as well as the positive in order to gain your fan´s trust.

9. Reply To Wall Posts

Your wall will probably contain less serious messages from your fans than the inbox but you should still react to them in order to prove, that your brand is on Facebook to interact with fans.

10. Measure Your Timeline´s Engagement

To see how well you are doing in implementing all the tips mentioned above and in engaging your fans, start monitoring important metrics with Socialbakers! The Engagement Rate is the metric to follow and these are just a few things we can do with it:


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