Timeline Milestones: Your New Marketing Tool

Give Milestones the power to communicate your story on Facebook! Say it out loud with these inspiring tips...

Timeline Milestones: Your New Marketing Tool

They are automatically expanded to widescreen and are visible to everyone visiting your Page. So get your pictures ready for 843 pixels wide and 403 pixels tall because Milestones wouldn´t be that interesting without them! The earliest date a milestone can have is currently set to January 1, 1000 which gives you more than enough space to express your brand´s philosophy.

Oh and don’t forget to choose the Hide from Newsfeed option in case you don’t want your fans to see them getting added to your wall! But definitely share some Milestones you feel are worth sharing and engaging your fans!

Shareable things via Milestones:

  • Your brand´s history and key moments
  • Launching a new product
  • Reaching an interesting number of fans
  • Customer stories
  • Helping a cause, for e.g. charity
  • Opening new stores and branches
  • Expanding into new countries
  • Campaign launches
  • Gaining an important patent
  • Progress in product design or functionality, innovations
  • Anniversary

Innovating The Market

Tell your fans how exceptional your company is by pointing out how you contributed to the whole industry. English retailer Marks & Spencer says that they were the first ones to introduce the “cold-chain” process and sell chilled chicken rather than frozen to deliver fresh meat to their cutomers.

Launching A New Campaign

If you are in the fashion industry, try promoting the launch of your new campaign through a Milestone – like for example H&M communicating David Beckham´s new underwear collection.

Your Brand´s History

Whatever you do with your Milestones, they should definitely map your history! And don’t be afraid to focus on details and fun facts – Cookie producer Oreo introduced the factory where the first cookie was baked and another picture below shows how the Oreo cookies were sold in the old days. The retro and black and white pictures add to the atmosphere of tradition and experience you have as a company!

Reaching An Interesting Number Of Fans

Dove is a strongly community-oriented beauty brand, so no wonder it grew 5 million strong in January. It´s committed to reach 15 million girls by 2015 so let’s watch out how it does with this ambitious plans! And by the way – business plans are also a great thing worth sharing!

Celebrating Your Anniversary

McDonald´s celebrated its 50th anniversary on Facebook by thanking its fans via a colorful Milestone! Celebrate your anniversary with your fans too!

Launching New Products or Services

Milestones introducing new products meeting your customers´ preferences show that you are listening to them and that you are here for your fans! Starbucks promoted its new coffee by saying that “Fans of lighter roasted coffees rejoice everywhere” and that this group of people has something new to look forward to, something customized according to their taste!

Sharing Customer Stories

Get inspired by Coca-Cola and encourage your fans to share their experience, memories or associations connected to your products or services. It will give out a very personal and authentic touch to your page!

What do these Milestones have in common? They are colorful and visually attractive! Take advantage of Facebook´s potential by creating a** multimedia platform mapping your history, communicating your brand´s story and engaging your fans.** Milestones can work as a great marketing tool if you use them wisely. Don’t be boring with historical data and information, engage your fans with memorable and exclusive content that will connect you with your fans! And isn´t Facebook all about connecting and engaging people?

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