5 Best Facebook Statistics from IPO Filing Amendment [Charts]

5 Best Facebook Statistics from IPO Filing Amendment [Charts] image

Facebook’s IPO is approaching fast, therefore we want to dedicate this entire week to the most important Facebook statistics!

Alongside with the statistics of the TOP Facebook Countries and the Fastest Growing Global Brands we brought you in our yesterday’s Fa­cebook IPO infographic, the following charts talk about some other interesting findings worth looking at.

5 Key Facebook Facts:

  • Facebook’s wor­ldwide MAUs (Monthly Active Users) reached 901M in March 2012
  • Facebook’s wor­ldwide DAUs (Daily Active Users) reached 526M in March 2012
  • Facebook’s DAUs in Europe (152M) surpassed the number of DAUs in the US & Canada (129M)
  • Facebook in Asia is just behind the US with 119M DAUs
  • Facebook’s ad­vertising revenue reached $872M at the end of March 2012

Data source: Facebook’s IPO Filling Amendment No. 6

Facebook´s Wor­ldwide MAU vs. DAU in March 2012

DAU in Europe Surpassed DAU in the US & Canada

Facebook in Asia Catching Up with the US

Facebook’s Ad­vertising Revenue

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