3 Reasons Brazilians Like Brands With Fresh Breath

Brazil recently became the second biggest Facebook country and now dominates the Fastest Moving Global Brands rank! What makes brands in Brazil so successful?

3 Reasons Brazilians Like Brands With Fresh Breath

According to our infographic on global brands with the biggest impact on Facebook, it´s the Brazilian Facebook Pages that grow the fastest. Especially Kraft Foods Brazil can be proud of owning 3/ 10 brands that have gained the most Facebook fans over the last year: the Halls cough drops fan base increased 157×, sugarless chewing gum Trident 61× and candy covered chewing gums Chiclets grew an unbelievable 1 505×!

The question is: “Why are these brands so popular in Brazil?”

1. Brazil Became the 2nd Biggest Facebook Country

At the beginning of May, Brazil made it to the 2nd biggest Facebook country after surpassing its longtime rival India! Our social networking statistics show that the Facebook penetration in Brazil reached 23.38% in an online population of 61.90% (compared to the country´s population). The total number of Facebook users in Brazil is now 47 011 060 and it grew by more than 16 557 800 in the last 6 months! That gives brands in Brazil many social marketing possibilities with the potential of big and strong fan bases engaging in a dialogue.

2. 60% of Brazilian Facebook Users Are Young

Not only has there been an increase in Facebook users, the users are young and active on social networks! 32% of Facebook users in Brazil are 18– 24 years old (15 043 539 users). That’s nearly 10% more compared to the United States (24% of Facebook users in the age of 18 – 24). The second biggest age group in Brazil is 25 – 34 (28%) which means that up to 60% of the Facebook users in Brazil can be described as young!

3. Halls, Trident and Chiclets Target Young People

These three brands have a few things in common – they share a young social media savvy target audience that is active on social networks and they all promote an energetic lifestyle.

Chiclet Emotigums

Chiclet chewing gums joined Facebook in April 2010 and our data from year 2011 shows that it´s fan base has increased by an unbelievable 1 050×! It seems that it has launched a strong Facebook marketing campaign in the last year and that it found what works for the brand.

The chewing gums come in these original small boxes that are designed to express various moods, emotions and themes. They call them Emotigums and most of the content is focused around them. The Chiclet Facebook fans are often asked to vote for their favorite characters – the ones that best describe their mood, lifestyle or for e.g. taste in movies or music. Now that´s something that sounds like fun! The one below asked its fans which Emotigum makes them the most scared. Asking questions in your posts usually guarantees a number of Comments, so questions are definitely a great way of interacting with your fans!

When you visit the Chiclet Facebook Page, you will notice that colorful pictures dominate their Timeline. According to Socialbakers Analytics, this post type works for them as it generates a high Engagement Rate. From April 16th to May 16th, the brand has focused on one single post type: photos! They were enough to engage the fans with nearly 15 000 Likes, 7 000 Comments and 10 000 Shares (as seen in the tables below)!

The Facebook Page celebrated a million Chiclet fans towards the end of April 2012 with free wallpapers and paper Emotigums for their fans which they could just print out and build according to attached instructions in the dedicated Facebook album. This brand acknowledges its target audience and their interests.

Halls and Trident Have A Young Spirit

Both Halls and Trident have about 2.5M fans and promote the same energetic lifestyle. Halls joined Facebook a few months later than Chiclets – in August 2010 – and have accumulated 157× more fans over the following year (2011). These cough drops communicate mainly values like independence, individuality and freedom through content based around the interests of it fans: music concerts, sports, relationships, image, fun, parties etc.

Both Halls and Trident often ask their fans which flavors they prefer as if it was an expression of their personality. Halls even divided their flavors according to the signs of the zodiac. Young people need to identify with role models like musicians and discover their personality and interests – that´s exactly what these two brands try to deliver and exactly the reason why they belong to the top 10 fastest moving brands!

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