10 Fastest Facebook Countries Over The Past Year

Facebook has more than half of its population (461 Million MAUs) in only 10 countries! Today, we’ll review these 10 countries and how they grew over the past year.

10 Fastest Facebook Countries Over The Past Year

Brazil and India lead the rank of fastest growing Facebook countries

For the past few months, we paid close attention to Brazil which recently became the 2nd largest Facebook country. Brazil’s year over year growth is a phenomenal achievement for a country, which was just quite recently dominated by the competing social network Orkut. For the past 12 months, the number of monthly active users (MAUs) in Brazil grew by more than 61% from 17M MAU to almost 47M MAU. Considering the country´s low penetration rate of 23%, we see its potential to grow even bigger on Facebook’s social map.

India is also doing great – a quite poorly penetrated country (less than 4%), yet very active with the MAUs YoY growth of 44% (from 25M to almost 46M MAUs).

Asian Growth on Facebook map will continue in 2H of 2012

Alongside India, Indonesia and Philippines have proven to be countries contributing to the growth of the Asian continent on Facebook. Asia is not only the 3rd biggest Facebook continent but also the fastest growing continent among all! Asia’s year over year growth is more than 32% and we can assume that if it keeps up the trend, Asia is very likely to surpass the North American Continent by the end of 2012!

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