Top 25 Fastest Growing YouTube Brand Channels

An increasing number of CMOs have started to realize the importance of YouTube as an effective marketing strategy. Creating viral videos will get your brand under the social spotlight. Take a look at the following companies which understand this need and are actually very good at it!

Top 25 Fastest Growing YouTube Brand Channels

Monitoring your brand on YouTube will get you great results!

For brands, a couple of things are of main importance. First, it´s the ability to show off new products via videos instead of conventional advertising methods. Second, the video quality and a clear message is what matters for most of the subscribers. And finally, make your content viral! The more subscribers you will get, the better your chances to reach more people with your video. This strategy is really powerful in promoting your business.

Recently, we have covered some brands that have rocked Socialbakers weekly YouTube statistics in terms of the number of uploaded videos. On the top, you could see RovioMobile, Angry Birds, Nike and Red Bull. Now let us present the Top 25 brands that have produced the most successful viral video content over the whole month!

More great Analytics are coming tomorrow!

Now you know how important is to pay attention to your brand on YouTube. (We do really hope you are already using this powerful social media channel!) If you do, there’s certainly more you can do with your brand than just monitor it. Tomorrow, you can look forward to Socialbakers YouTube Analytics, which will completely transform the way you look at and manage your brand on YouTube. You will be able to monitor your YouTube Engagement Rate, Total Like Rate and compare your video’s performance to your competitors’! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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