Diamond Jubilee Skyrockets Queen’s Social Engagement

Socialbakers Analytics PRO compares the Queens’ engagement across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Which social network is the Queen’s preferred choice?

Diamond Jubilee Skyrockets Queen’s Social Engagement

In the middle of the 4-day long celebrations, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are full of messages commenting on the magnificent events taking place throughout the UK and across the Commonwealth. Our Analytics PRO technology, which now supports all three social networks, brings you today some unique insights into the Queen’s social media performance.

Social networks became a part of people’s daily lives, capturing important world events and delivering them to the public through the eyes of people who are directly involved. As such, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are already considered as new information platforms focused on major occasions.

British Monarchs are aware of this fact since the official website of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee noticeably encourages communication through these major social media platforms. Now it is up to our Analytics to conclude: which one was able to attract the most engagement despite the chilly weather and unceasing British rain?

The British Monarchy on Twitter

The jubilee skyrockets the Daily Engagement Rate on Twitter by reaching 0.0147% already during the first out of four days of the celebration period. This is a clear indication of further growth, which will most likely continue until Tuesday, June 5th.

The British Monarchy on Facebook

To assess the British Monarchy´s Facebook performance, we have chosen the People Talking About metric. Similarly as on Twitter, we can see the rapid growth, which already began on June 1st by uploading massively engaging photos showing the first day of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee followed by pictures of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant: On Sunday June 3rd, over 1,000 boats mustered along the River Thames in one of the largest flotillas ever assembled.

The Royal YouTube Channel

The Royal Channel uploaded the first Jubilee video on YouTube on May 31st. Almost 30 thousands video views immediately increased the channel’s popularity and got reflected on our graph of Total Uploaded Video Views.

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