6 Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas from Iconic Brands

Black Friday campaigns get competitive every year, but this time you have an advantage! Below are the best Black Friday marketing campaigns from the most popular brands. This is your opportunity to get inspired and create a strategic Black Friday campaign to drive up your sales on the most profitable time of the year!

6 Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas from Iconic Brands

We’ve all experienced the infamous Black Friday. Whether it was waiting for hours in front of Target in the cold or continuously clicking refresh in your favorite online store hoping to use a unique promo code. But now you’re on the marketing side — you will be the marketer persuading people to wait in line or sit impatiently in front of their computers.

With our Black Friday content tool, we can help you jump-start this crazy season and craft the best Black Friday marketing campaign for your business.

Here are our favorite Black Friday campaigns from the most notable brands:

GoPro: Be Generous and Offer Extras


GoPro is known for its versatile cameras and adventurous content. But when GoPro posted their freebies with a GoPro Hero 7, it received over 172.6k likes on Instagram.

When you offer something for free, it adds a sense of urgency, whether it’s for a limited time or a one time deal. And GoPro was quite smart with what they offered for free. With a rechargeable battery and an SD card, their customers were able to use their GoPro right away! So if you’re feeling generous, think of ways your extras can add more value to your customer’s experience.

Fenty Beauty: The Tagging Approach


If you’re in the beauty industry, makeup can get expensive! But devoted customers will always follow their favorite brands like a hawk for exclusive deals on Instagram.

Fenty Beauty engaged with their audience by encouraging them to tag them in their photos two days before Black Friday. With thousands of posts that appeared on Fenty Beauty’s tagged feed, they ended with a total number of 160.9k interactions on this post — all organic. Although this can be a great way to see how your audience uses your brand personally, it can help you strategize different ways to interact with your audience directly.

Keep in mind: it’s essential to stay in line with platform regulations. There are many restrictions on how brands are allowed to encourage people to comment, tag, or like. Find out more on how to manage your social media responsibly and like a professional

IGN: Use Your Cheeky Humor


Any IGN Instagram follower would know that IGN loves to use memes and movie references to interact with their audience. For their Black Friday campaign, IGN used a war scene from a famous movie to imitate how Black Friday is like for huge retailers. From our analytics, this post gained an organic reach of 47.5k interactions.

If you’re feeling creative and unconventional, don’t be afraid to go for it. Understanding your audience can lead to higher engagement for your brand. You can be surprised how relatable your audience can be to you.

American Eagle: Encourage Them to Come into the Store


Don’t forget about the customers who still love the brick-and-mortar experience! American Eagle offered a sweet deal for anyone shopping in-store, and they would get a cozy blanket (with a purchase of $75+). Their audience reacted to their Black Friday marketing campaign with a total of 78.2k likes.

You can save a logistics nightmare during this season by persuading your customers to come into the stores. However, if you’re focusing on your online goals, you can even suggest to your customers an in-store pickup. And you’ll never know, maybe your shoppers will end up buying more stuff while there!

Need more post ideas to encourage your customers to shop in your store at midnight? Discover thousands of campaign ideas with our Black Friday content tool.

Sephora: Scale Up Your Products & Host a Contest


Why buy a typical deal for 3 lip stains when you can buy 100 lip stains that can last you a lifetime! Sephora was spot on — offering something new, vast, and exciting with an exclusive deal. Our analytics has shown that Sephora managed to gain over 60.8k comments and over 2.6 million views.

If you’re offering a new exclusive product, why not take it a step further and make a contest out of it. It can be as simple as telling your followers to tag their best friends in the comments below. It will keep the engagement high, and the winners will be able to boast about it to all their friends and family.

Alo Yoga: Align Your Campaign with Your Mission


With one look at the post description, Alo Yoga’s mission is clear. They are spreading the mindfulness movement by inspiring wellness and creating a community. This is an excellent example of a Black Friday campaign that aligns with the vision of the company and supports their cause.

Adding a mission or a cause to your purchase adds more value to the customer experience. Whether it’s supporting an initiative, donating to a charity, or forming a community, a Black Friday marketing campaign like this can bring you closer to achieving your company goals. 

The Takeaway

Even though this will be a chaotic season, the competition will be high, and many brands will be launching their best campaigns. Luckily, we have a complete guide on everything you need to create a successful campaign during the holiday season

Furthermore, the main goal here is to understand what your audience wants and design a strategic Black Friday marketing campaign to convert them into potential customers — but you can achieve this goal creatively and have fun with it. You can easily take your creative skills to the next level with the right inspiration.

We can help you get started with our free Black Friday content tool, which has over thousands of campaign ideas for this season— so start planning and get inspired!

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