How To Create Viral Videos That Sell

If you want to increase sales, promote a new product or engage with your fans, consider doing so via video. But not all videos can do the trick. There are 4 things that can make the difference in your success, learn about them more!

How To Create Viral Videos That Sell

The popularity of YouTube increased immensely in the past year. One of the undisputed advantages of the platform is that is allows brands to communicate their products in an entertaining way, yet it’s easy to use and free to join. However, you’ll complete the task only if you pay attention to the following principles and if you’re able to apply them wisely.

1. Think Of YouTube As Your Marketing Tool

Many brands already use YouTube as an important part of their online marketing strategy. Marketers turn to YouTube to promote their products, case studies, testimonials and as an alternative to traditional advertising. Another reason is that Google and other popular search engines favor video content, so they will definitely secure your brand reasonably high placements.

2. Produce High Quality Content

Your video has to speak for your brand. This regards high quality images and clear and concise messages. Anything less can hurt your brand, so make sure you got it right.

3. Use YouTube Sharing Tools

The options you have on YouTube are to comment, share, rate and mark other videos as your favorite. Remember, the more you’ll network on YouTube, the higher visibility your business gets. This works perfectly for gaining credibility and more subscribers, who will in return share your videos so that it gets a higher reach.

4. Measure The Video’s Performance

Finally, to rate your success, get your brand YouTube analytics. YouTube analytics metrics address all aspects of your video – its engagement, view ratio, like vs. dislike rate and contribution to subscribers’ growth. Click here for a detailed overview of the YouTube Analytics metrics.

And how does it look like when you apply all of our advice for a successful YouTube strategy? See, how great brands are doing that! More than 70 million uploaded video views make Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer the world’s most watched brand video!

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