Euro 2012 National Teams Compete For Championship Victory In Social Media

Socialbakers Infographic reveals the most engaging and popular teams heading into Matchday 1

Euro 2012 National Teams Compete For Championship Victory In Social Media

By the end of Today June 11th, EURO Matchday 1 will be over. Four days of adrenalin for 16 national teams and their fans in social media will come to an end. But for Socialbakers, this means new interesting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube statistics, which reflect how well football fans supported their national team.

This infographic shows national team’s social media performance right before Matchday 1 on Friday, June 8th.

Scroll down to download the infographic, get more analysis and view the complete rank of teams by number of fans as well as their Engagement Rates on Facebook.

EURO_W1 infographic

To download the infographic, click here.

The Socialbakers study covers the national teams´ social media popularity, Facebook engagement and YouTube viral reach with an overview of the most successful teams across social networks with the upcoming Matchdays. Socialbakers will also track the comprehensive social media information and growth numbers in the mid of the Group Stage and the upcoming Quarter and Semi-finals. All the findings from the current stage are available in the new EURO 2012 infographic.

Team’s Popularity on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: England Football Team leads the ranks across all social platforms.

• The England Football Team is leading on Facebook with the biggest number of fans at 1.45 million, followed by Germany at 1.40 million, France with 584 thousand, Italy with 432 thousand and Spain with 316 thousand fans.

• The England Football Team is also dominating Twitter with 165 thousand followers and the highest follower growth of 13.9 thousand in the past 14 days. England is followed by Germany with 129 thousand followers and the second highest follower growth of 7.1 thousand. The Top 5 continues with Spain at 126 thousand, Ireland at 21.8 thousand and Netherlands at 18.3 thousand followers.

• England Football Team also scores on YouTube with the biggest number of channel subscribers at 37.5 thousand followed by a large gap and then the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Greece in the Top 5.

Facebook Engagement Rate

• The Greece football team has the highest percentage of Engagement Rate (1.05%) followed by the Netherlands (0.94%), Ukraine (0.56%), Russia (0.47%) and Sweden (0.46%).

• Greece football team also owns the most engaging Facebook post among all teams which encourages Facebook fans to enter a contest and win football match tickets.

YouTube viral video

• The Netherlands team video had the most views (175,503) in the 14 days period.

Please find the table of Engagement Rates and Facebook fans for the nation’s football teams and associations below:

EURO_May growth

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