5 Tips For Facebook´s New Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts can maximize your fan reach, here are few tips to maximize it even more!

5 Tips For Facebook´s New Promoted Posts

1. Promote Specific Content

You can promote any post type including photos, status updates, links, questions, offers or videos. You can either create them specifically for the purpose of Promoted Posts or choose a post from your brand´s Timeline which is no older than 3 days.

According to Facebook, these posts have proven to be the most successful when promoted:

  • Vibrant photos and videos: People respond the best to bright, simple and colorful images. Try promoting a photo of your new product or service to engage your fans with your brand! For example British retailer Marks & Spencer posted products perfect for the occasion of their Queen´s Diamond Jubilee!
  • Offers: promote an offer to increase the number of people claiming your offer and engaging with your Page.
  • Exclusive events or news: promote your daily special on the menu, an in-store event or the launch of your new product. All this will make people feel that you are providing them with exclusive content and it will make them talk about your Page and share your posts with their friends.
  • Questions: include people in your decision making by posting and promoting a question. They will appreciate your interest in their opinion and your trust by engaging with your Page.

2. Pin your Promoted Posts

Pin your Promoted Post to the top of your Page to make it more visible and accessible. Posts are promoted for up to 3 days so try having it pinned during that time to further maximize your reach.

3. Target your Posts

Promoted posts can be targeted by language or location just like a normal Page post. Click on the public button when creating the post to select the country, state/province, city and language you want to target.

4. Small Businesses, Small Steps

If you are a small business and you are not sure how much money to invest into promoting posts, select the smallest budget, evaluate the benefits and work yourself to bigger budgets as you go. Plus you can always pause the promotion!

To do so, click on the Promoted for $x at the bottom of the post, right below where people can add a comment. Then select the Stop Promotion option in the gear drop-down. Your promotion will then be updated and the button will say Promotion Paused. If you decide to resume your promotion, click on the Promotion Paused button and select Resume Promotion in the settings. You will only pay for the portion of your budget that is used to promote your post.

As the Facebook Help center says: “If you pause a promotion or delete the promoted post, your promotion will no longer run and you will no longer be billed. If you decide to resume a paused promotion, you will continue to pay until you’ve used the total budget you originally set.”

5. Monitor your Posts with Analytics PRO

Monitor and evaluate your Promoted Posts with Analytics PRO. The Engagement Rate of your posts will also tell you what kind of content works best for you and your promotions. Each business has something different that works for them, that´s why you need to embrace your individuality and compare your social media performance to your competitors through benchmarking! That´s something no other analytics tool offers – find out for yourself by signing up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO!

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