Call to action: Help us build

Help us build content on!

Call to action: Help us build

We at are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience on our portal. We launch new content, we launch new services ( Analytics), and we improve local experience (add more and more top brands on Facebook), where you also help us add things from our Facebook page. Today we’d like to ask you though to help with our portal.

We are looking for new authors for articles. We are not looking at copying what other portals do – we are looking at exclusive market insight, research, and information about activities of brands and media companies on Facebook.

If you help us write those articles, you would be referenced including your name, company title, and Facebook page details, which will help you build your own traction.

If you are interested, contact us at with any articles or news that you think is interesting.

P.S.: We are preparing a design facelift in October, stay tuned for more!

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