More Visual Storytelling With Facebook´s New Photo Layout

Facebook introduced changes to the way we will view photos in the News Feeds and further continues to enforce brand storytelling through visuals.

More Visual Storytelling With Facebook´s New Photo Layout

After introducing larger photos to its mobile News feed last month, Facebook decided to increase the size of photos and their layout on the web for both Profiles and Pages. When posting an album or event, the photos will appear two times larger and more of them will get displayed in the Newsfeed. The text in the News feeds should also be larger and wider spaced which means that your content will be more visible than ever before. And imagine the reach and impact of your posts when you combine the new feature with the newly launched Promoted Posts!

Before, you could display three photos in te News feed, soon you should be able to view at least four. Some of us have already seen 9 photos in a user post so stay tuned with us for more changes!

The new photo layout doesn’t come as a surprise since Facebook has been taking many steps to enforce the concept of visual storytelling, by for e.g. introducing Timeline with more space for visuals or by acquiring Instagram.

With the redesign, Pages will be able to occupy more than twice as much News Feed space as before but with that also comes bigger responsibility. Brands will be forced to work even more on the content quality in order to prevent fans from unliking the Page. According to Analytics PRO, albums belong to the most engaging post types, which makes it even more crucial to select the right photos and to make sure they are in high quality. Get inspired by the most engaging photos in March.

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