Latin America Is The Fastest Growing Facebook Region

Recent record growth of Brazil resonates in the Facebook statistics of the whole continent. Discover more interesting user growth trends and predictions with Socialbakers statistics!

Latin America Is The Fastest Growing Facebook Region

The previous year was the most dynamic year for Facebook so far. Users were adopting Facebook and moving their countries to top positions. We could witness two major milestones over the past 16 months. Exactly one year ago (June 2011), Europe became the largest continent on Facebook. And secondly, South America gained 57 million new Facebook users.

88% Growth of Latin America on Facebook

According to our Facebook statistics, Brazil is the country most responsible for this fast growth. Only in the past 8 months, the country grew by 20 million new users! Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela are also great user contributors. Although remaining the 4th biggest continent, South America has been the fasting growing continent by almost doubling its Facebook population over the past 1.5 years.

The Next Big Hit: Asia

Numerous analyses point to Asia as another continent with a high Facebook potential. According to our statistics, Asia grew by 53% in the same period as South America. Specifically India, Indonesia and the Philippines are growing their Facebook population in high speed.

So when will Asia become the second biggest continent on Facebook? It might not take a long time given that it’s only a few thousand users behind North America. Follow our statistics and regular updates to be the first to find out about the shifts and changes in the world of Facebook!

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