Socially Devoted Brands Respond In 4 Minutes!

In social media, the faster you respond the better! Check out examples of fast and slow responding industries on Facebook!

Socially Devoted Brands Respond In 4 Minutes!

You Need To Be Where Your Customers Are

A Socially Devoted brand has to respond to its fans and in the era of social media, the faster the better! Customer care is progressively moving from traditional media to social networks, which is why you need to focus on your Facebook Page and make sure you are available and helpful at all times. Before, it was trendy to be on Facebook, now it’s trendy to care on Facebook!

Especially brands that offer services from the telecom, airlines, electronics and automobile industries should have a high Response Rate and Response Time! When you are offering a service, you have to include customer care “in the price” as customers and fans are becoming more and more demanding.

Mobile Operators Are On It

The telecommunications industry is by far the most open and responsive industry on Facebook, it responds to 60, 4% questions from its fans. South American mobile operator Movistar Nicaragua is the ultimate role model when it comes to responding fast – from March 1st to May 30th, they answered on average 87,6% questions and what´s even more unbelievable, with an average response time of just 4 minutes! Claro in Guatemala is also a very devoted mobile operator which responds to 97% questions in 21 minutes.

Overall, the average Response Time of the Telecom industry is about 9 hours (562 minutes)! It could be better but it´s still exceptionally good compared to the other industries.

Airlines Are Fast As The Wind

Airlines are the second fastest and most responsive industry! Their Facebook Pages are constantly busy with posts requesting information about flights, delays, technical problems, check ins, lost luggage, available meal or entertainment options on board, new destinations etc. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines respond to the most of these questions (94%) in about 28 minutes on average. What´s also important is not only that they respond fast, but the way they respond. Their replies always include a personal touch, for e.g. a customer asked KLM if he can claim miles retrospectively when he is missing the boarding pass.

The average Response Time of the Airlines industry is about 3 hours (188 minutes)!

Electronics Industry Should Care More

Electronic devices are a part of our everyday lives and we all know that problems tend to come with the worst timing. That´s why it´s so important for these brands to support their customers and fans 24/7. And that´s why it´s unacceptable that the industry replies to questions after more than a day – its average Response Time is about 35 hours! But of course there are electronic brands that are more Socially Devoted, like for example Acer Indonesia which usually reacts to 95% of the questions in 20 minutes!

Cars Are Slow

It takes car brands over 8 days to respond to their fans and they only react to 5,13% of the questions. They belong to one of the least Socially Devoted industries on Facebook while they should belong to the most devoted ones. Does that mean that they provide customer care only to people who pay for the service or new components? Of course, there are exceptions like Volkswagen in Mexico which is the most (69,40%) but at the same time the slowest Facebook Page in the industry – it takes them more than a day to respond to their fans!

With our Socially Devoted website, we want to provide you with benchmarks in your industry in order for you to effectively adjust your social marketing strategy and excel as a caring brand on Facebook. Check out the average Response Time of your industry!

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