5 Most Socially Devoted Airlines On Facebook

Airlines are the 2nd most Socially Devoted Industry on Facebook. Apply the best practices from brands that master social customer care.

5 Most Socially Devoted Airlines On Facebook

According to Socialbakers recent study and announcement of Socially Devoted, the overall industry Response Rate for airlines is 55%! That places Airlines on 2nd place in social care, right under the Telecom industry.

Airlines get 10,000 questions a month – they respond 55% of them

Our study shows that airline brands on Facebook received 30,000 questions from their fans over a three month period. On average, brands in this industry answer 55% of these questions. Although airlines are the second most Socially Devoted industry, their Response Rate could be higher. When looking at the Top 10 most Socially Devoted airlines, it’s interesting that many low cost companies are actually handling social customer care better than their upscale counterparts.

airlines chart 2

What good brands are doing right

Here’s how other brands in the Airlines industry can get inspired by the most Socially Devoted performers. Socially Devoted brands work hard. Volaris, for example, received more than four thousand fan questions and they were able to respond to 78% of them! That’s a fantastic example of effective social customer care. What’s more, on average, they were able to respond within one hour! Dutch KLM is another great example of a Socially Devoted brand. With 3,020 questions received, they responded to 94% of them!

Become Socially Devoted to your fans and their issues! In a nutshell, what you should do is: Open your wall to feedback, Respond to your fans’ questions and Respond to them on time! Learn more about the new standard here: http://sociallydevoted.socialbakers.com/

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