10 Global Brands with best customer service on Facebook!

Socialbakers names 10 global brands, providing businesses with benchmarks for effective dialogues with their customers and fans in social media.

10 Global Brands with best customer service on Facebook!

Last week, we introduced a new standard to social marketing by announcing the most Socially Devoted industries with the best customer care in social media. We discussed the most and the least fan-friendly industries in depth so now it´s time to introduce specific brands that are successful global players while maintaining a high standard of social media engagement.

We have the latest on social customer care trends on Facebook

Airlines and Telecom Win on a Global Scale

According to our study, Airlines and Telecom are the most Socially Devoted industries on Facebook with KLM, T-Mobile and AirAsia dominating the Most Socially Devoted Global brands ranking!

Sony Mobile is the third most devoted global brand which is quite surprising considering that the electronics industry ranked 6th among the Top 10 Socially Devoted industries. Nevertheless, Sony Mobile proves that electronic global brands can encourage fans to communicate and engage. They posted 3,449 questions to Sony´s Facebook wall and 2,354 got answered which represents a 68% question Response Rate. That´s something that makes a brand stand out from its competition!

Beauty and Fashion Brands Give Customers a Reason to Smile

Top luxury brands didn´t make it to the Top 10 most Socially Devoted global brands. Sephora, Nike Running and Next demonstrate the best customer care in the beauty and fashion industry! Overall, the fashion industry has a mediocre performance on Facebook with a 42% question Response Rate placing 5th in the overall industry ranking. But for example Nike Running, the current EURO 2012 sponsor, is an exception! Proportionally, its performance is almost as good as KLM’s – with only half the number of KLM’s fans, Nike Running answered 1,400 questions posted to its wall. Nike can still improve though because it replied to 85% of all the questions that could have been answered.

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Discover other Socially Devoted brands by visiting our dedicated website www.socially-devoted.com! And don’t forget that you need to follow these simple steps to meet the standards of a Socially Devoted brand:

  1. Open your wall to questions and feedback from your fans.
  2. Respond to at least 65% of questions.
  3. Respond in time.

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